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    Detox – Activated Charcoal with Peppermint and Teatree

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    Our DETOX Activated Charcoal, Peppermint, Tea Tree Soap is our best seller.
    Activated Charcoal…Clears and Detoxifies Skin. Activated charcoal binds with and draws toxins out of the skins pores, and makes them less visible. Fights Acne and Blemishes. Thanks to it’s slightly gritty texture, activated charcoal provides a gentle exfoliation that helps to remove dead skin and impurities and excess oils that can clog pores.
    Retains moisture and helps to increase the healing of minor cuts, wounds and insect bites. Creates Smooth Skin

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    Weight .25 lbs

    2 reviews for Detox – Activated Charcoal with Peppermint and Teatree

    1. Eddie (verified owner)

      Green gold products are literally the best hands down. Beyond epic and So refreshing.

    2. Blossom (verified owner)

      I love the freshness and packaging.

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