8 Natural Hair, Skin, and Body Care Blogs That Will Actually Improve Your Self-Care Game

Many of us at one time or another have had to learn something new. Long gone are the days where we must physically travel to a bookstore or library in order to find out about a topic.  There is a wealth of information right at our fingertips. This is good because we can find several points of view about one topic. This can be overwhelming because we can find several points of view about one topic. 

Google search page results example
Google search page results example

Which to believe? Which to follow become questions.  We “search” for the topic and then the list is too overwhelming. The pages go on and on and on.  They are all talking about pretty much the same thing, so it becomes hard to sift through all the information. It’s hard to know what/who is right.

Question mark over head of someone who has questions
Which one should be chosen?

However, there is one type of content that I believe can help us to find specific information about a topic that is truly helpful: an excellent blog.   Usually, the author of a blog is a like-minded individual who has personal experience with what they are blogging about. They have something to say and they want to help you with your problems. You can ask them questions and they will most likely answer you. They will teach you things that you may not currently know or give you a link to someone who does.

The word "blog" written in sand
A blog is a way to get valuable information.

In case you were not aware, my website has a blog! Yes. The last time that I was able to post on the site was March, 2018.  Like most folks today, we got caught up in the world of work and life and were unable to dot all our “I’s” and cross all our “t’s.” 

The last blog posted on my website was March, 2018.

“ Plus, I had a milestone. I moved from leasing a spot in a shop to having my own beauty boutique (more about that in the future).

New Location: Green Gold Hair and Body Boutique

 Life is exactly what has occurred with me and my staff.  Amid “life” the blog for website was left untouched for a while. But, guess what?! We are back on track and we will be offering a wealth of information that will be helpful, valuable, and fun.

I'm Back!
I’ll be here for you!

We even give you a chance to suggest a topic that interests you. If you have a question that you want answered, just ask and we will answer. I will be here for you, via my blog, which will be featuring a great post, monthly, starting with this post.

Suggest a topic that you would like to read about…

Now, that you are updated about the why and the what and in the spirit of Black History Month, sharing, caring and blogging. We wanted to start our blog posts off by sharing information about other blogs that we like and that you may want to read in the meantime.

These blogs may help you learn something new or maybe even spark a question or two from you.

Black History Month
February is Black History Month

We’ve compiled eight (8) of our favorite natural hair and body care blogs. Read them or skim them. You’ll learn, laugh, and maybe even subscribe to some of them. And, if you want to share your own favorite natural, loc’d hair and skin care blog, please feel free to do so in the comments section. We will check them out.

Staff picks.
A few of our favorite blogs

Currently, within the world wide web there seems to be lots of blogs about loose natural hair and not too many that are specific to locs, dreadlocks, Sisterlocks (TM), etc. Some of the blogs are about education, while some are more about style. Some sell products. Some make their own.

We have included a variety of blogs this time around covering hair and body care tips, advice, hacks for your hair.  We do not wish to overwhelm you, so we have listed a few of each (which means there may be a part 2 to this blog sometime in the future):

Exceptional Blogs about Loose Natural Hair, Skin and Body Care

  • Curlcentric
Curl Centric Home Page Photo

Curlcentric. This natural hair blog is maintained by husband and wife team, mKenneth and Kira Byrd. They want to teach you about natural hair. This one is great for the newbie natural. They start by welcoming you in and taking you through a free training course via email.

  • CurlyNikki
Curly Nikki, Better than Good Hair

Psychotherapist Nikki Walton created CurlyNikki.com in 2008. She has authored several books about natural hair. She willingly shares what she knows about loose natural hair through her own personal journey.

  • Essence

Essence magazine has been around since 1970. They are still here and still offering great advice. They have an entire page with articles about natural hair featuring actresses and businesswomen alike.

  • Naturally Curly
Naturally Curly

Naturally Curly was founded by Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber in 1998. Their mission is to offer a trusting and engaging natural hair community. They do this by featuring articles and hairstyles from women with different hair textures.

Exceptional Blogs about Natural Hair:  Natural, Loc’d, Dreadlocked, Sisterlocks, Skin and Body Care

  • Holistic Locs
Holistic Locs Logo

Holistic Locs. This blog is not only about locs and natural hair. It is about a holistic lifestyle. This blogger is a Reiki and Chakra healing therapist, meditation and Kundalini yoga instructor.  She wants to help with your entire “you.”

  • Just Locs
Just Locs Blog

Just Locs. This blog is powered by a natural loctician salon in Brooklyn. In this blog the salon writes about the different stages of locs. They also have videos and tutorials here.

  • Sisterlocked
Sisterlocked logo

Sisterlocked is written by Samantha. A woman with several interests, as well as, sharing her love of her own Sisterlocks journey with you. She has blogs of inspiration concerning hair care, loss, retightening, as well as, the love of self.

  • Green Gold Hair and Body Boutique
Green Gold Logo

Green Gold Hair and Body. Nneka, the founder, is a cosmetologist, certified SisterLocks loctician, natural product alchemist, lover of yoga, wife, mother, daughter, friend.  She loves, loves, loves all things natural. She wants to share what she knows with you and help you to answer any question you have about hair, skin, and body care.

Your feedback is welcome, here. Do you have any favorite blogs that are not on this list? Feel free to share and a topic you suggest may be featured in an upcoming blog.

Why did we feature other blogs when we are re-focusing on our blog? Well, firstly, we believe in sharing, community, the village mentality. Our community is in the thick of another natural hair movement and we believe that there is enough for us all and that there is still a lot for all to learn and to teach.

We love to share.

And, let’s face it, between us all we should be able to assist whomever is seeking to find an answer about their hair, skin, and body care.

Between us all, any who seek should be able to find the right tools, methods, inspiration for their afro-textured hair, whether they wear it loose, loc’d or are thinking about making the big chop or transition.

If this is YOU. We want YOU to know that YOU are not alone. 

Next month. Spring is (almost) here! In next month’s blog, Nneka will share how she prepares her hair and body for the spring months.

Nneka describing natural process she uses to make her products
Nneka describes the natural process she uses to make her products

The 5 Best Plants to Have in Your Home

Are you looking for ways to brighten the interior of your home? Maybe you’re ready to bring a little greenery indoors. You might even be looking for a way to get a jump start on the beauty of spring. Houseplants are a simple, affordable solution to all those circumstances. They’re more than decorative. They can also purify the air in your home and destress it as well. Here are five houseplants that you’ll love to look at, breath in, and enjoy.



  1. The Tried & True Ficus

Ficus houseplants have been popular for generations. They’re noted for their striking appearance as much as they are for their ability to purify indoor air. The Ficus is easy to care for, thrives even in indirect sunlight, and doesn’t require daily watering. A light misting will keep it looking good, cleansing your air and adding to your décor.

  1. The Beautiful Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palms help you bring a tropical feel to your home, while also reducing the airborne formaldehyde that frequently accompanies new furniture additions to your home. It doesn’t require a lot of sunlight – it actually prefers low light – and even thrives in higher humidity. Just be careful not to water the Bamboo Palm too frequently and it’ll add season after season of tropical delight to your home.

  1. The Versatile Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera houseplants flourish in moist soil, so they make regular watering a necessity. They have a variety of benefits that make them worthwhile additions to your home, though. When we say the Aloe Vera is versatile, we mean it! You can cut a small piece off your Aloe Vera plant to treat minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, its cuttings can grow new Aloe Vera houseplants, and it adds a touch of unusual beauty to any décor.

  1. The Cleansing Chinese Evergreen

Noted for their ability to clear the air, the Chinese Evergreen is an amazingly functional houseplant. It likes well-drained soil and indirect sunlight. For very little hands-on care, it has cleansing properties that are even noted by NASA! If clean air, a cool appearance, and lowered stress are what you’re looking for, the Chinese Evergreen is what you want. They also increase your home’s humidity levels and help reduce instances of respiratory ailments.

  1. The Lovely Peace Lily

Not only is the Peace Lily singularly lovely, it also removes mold from the air inside your home. It does well in any room of the home – including bathrooms and kitchens – and is super simple to care for. The Peace Lily is hardy and robust and has a telltale droop that signals you when its ready for additional watering. It significantly reduces the levels of toxins in the air and makes your home healthier, which is sure make your whole family happier.

While these five houseplants are good for your health, they’re also aesthetically appealing. That means they freshen the air, freshen the look, and bring the beauty of the great outdoors right into your home. Choose one or more of the houseplants on our list to add serenity to your home and turn it into the relaxing sanctuary you’ve longed for.

Top 5 Questions To Ask A Hairstylist


Top 5 Questions to ask a Hairstylist


Did you recently move? Started your natural hair journey or just ready for something new? Then you may be on the journey of looking for a hairstylist. When my client’s would relocate, I could see the fear and the discomfort of finding someone new to care for their tresses. Here’s a quick and simple guide to help you on this journey.  Communicating with your stylist is vital to building a positive stylist/ client relationship. Clarity is also very crucial! When you go to meet a stylist for the first time, be clear on what you want and feel free to ask questions. Here are a few questions that may help you decide whether a stylist or style is right for you.



How long have you been styling hair and may I see your portfolio?

Although there are many talented stylists that do excellent work out there, it’s still really important to get some history from your prospective stylist to get an understanding of their experience with hair. Asking to see the stylist’s work is very important. We all need a visual example of what style we want and it also gives you a chance to see the quality of work before you decide to go forward. No one wants to be a test dummy and walk out of a salon looking like who knows what!! The great news is a lot of stylists have their work online, but it’s still not out of the question to ask to see more pictures.



What products do you use, and what type of services do you provide?

It’s important to know what type of products the stylist uses. You want to make sure they use quality products with quality ingredients. It’s also good to know what products they use, because it could be a product you tried before, and didn’t like for your hair. “Product Talk” is a great way to start the conversation about your hair…who can’t go on about products for hours; keep both you and stylist time in mind and try your best to keep it short and sweet. Asking what services the stylist provides is a great way to save your self-time and energy. Different stylists have different specialties, asking about services will lead you in the right direction.



What are your hours?

Make sure your stylist’s hours of operation work with your schedule. The person can be an amazing stylist but if the available appointments don’t work for your schedule, then that’s not the stylist for you. Trying to squeeze in an appointment, that doesn’t fit with your schedule, can be stressful, so keep this in mind when asking your questions, you will thank me later!



What are my style options?

Your stylist should be able to give different style option to compliment your length, texture and facial structure. You may have a style in mind that may not work for your texture or length. Even though you’re the one asking the questions, be open to suggestions of other styles that the stylist feels will work best for you.



What are my at Home Care and Up Keep options?

Do you want a style that last a week or 3 weeks? Do you want a style that you don’t have to manipulate at all or do you want a style you don’t mind doing something to everyday, to maintain its longevity? Asking about at home care and how to keep your style up will help you make a clear decision on whether a particular style is really functional for your lifestyle.


Now that you’re well equipped with your questions, use them as a tool to make finding the perfect style or stylist smooth and easy. Let these questions guide you on your journey and trust that it will lead you in the right direction.