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    Nneka Otim


    A story of love, authenticity and healing….

    My journey began with summers at my grandmother’s house as a child. When I think about what beauty means to me, I think about the things instilled in me by my grandmother. My grandmother was a beautiful woman inside and out and every summer my sister and I would visit her in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Every morning we had fresh squeezed orange juice, a boiled egg, tea and a fresh piece of bread from a nearby bakery. My grandmother had a natural remedy for any and every ailment. We brushed our teeth with baking soda and only used pure and simple products on our skin and hair. We drank a crazy amount of water and walked everywhere. My grand mother believed in simplicity to say the least and the first week or two was always an adjustment for us, but like most children we adapted. As time went on I looked forward to summers at Grandma’s, I distinctively remember feeling like I had a GLOW when I left her house each summer, my teeth were bright white, my skin was smooth and my hair was thick and shiny and most important my spirit was full. My Grandmother was a simple yet radiant women until the day she died. She was truly remarkable.
    Fast Forward ten years later. Green Gold’s journey began  in 2001 when I had chronic stomach pains and couldn’t find the cause. I visited a myriad of doctors and no one had answers. A good friend of mine suggested a holistic doctor and I was definitely interested because at that point I had tried everything. In life, we all have defining moments… this experience was the catalyst to get me back to the lifestyle introduced by my grandmother. The visit was an eye opening experience. He got to the root of my stomach issues, which was my diet. He suggested that I include more organic fruits and vegetables to help assist with digestion. I experienced a tremendous difference in just one month and from that point I began my quest for healing. I began to look closely at not only the ingredients going inside my body but the ingredients going on my body as well.
    Without any of prior knowledge, I submerged myself into the world of holistic healing. I became a licensed cosmetologist, Certified Essential Oil/Aromatherapist and Yoga Instructor. Green Gold is a manifestation of all my passions intertwined. It combines my love for healing ingredients, with my love for assisting others on their journey of healing. Whether it’s cosmetology, yoga or aromatherapy my goal has always been to offer a space where healing and self-care can take place. I’m truly grateful for all the beautiful souls I have come in contact with, all seeking the same thing…honest care and healing for their hair, skin, mind and body. Over the years I have come in contact with so many products but when it came to nourishing the scalp, hair and skin there was a void for products that did what they said they would do, and used high quality ingredients. Yearning to fill that void, I gave birth to Green Gold. Our products are lightweight, nourishing and rich. They are designed to replenish, strengthen and protect the hair, skin and scalp. Our products are highly concentrated so a little goes a long way.
    My Intention is you feel the love and passion I put in each product and in turn it inspires you to use only the best ingredients on your skin and hair. I invite you to create space in your life for true and honest self-care with products that combine luxurious, rich ingredients with a blissful sensory experience.
    Green Gold Hair and Body’s goal is to give you the purest form of ingredients that add to your beauty inside and out and my grandmother knew that when you keep it pure and simple, beauty is naturally achieved.
    With much love and even more gratitude… Enjoy!


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